Aggie Enterprise Planning is a comprehensive budget forecasting tool.

Aggie Enterprise Planning is now live. Annual budget planning for FY2024-25 will take place in AggieBudget; AggieBudget will be available until September 2024.
The Planning module is divided into two key areas: Workforce Planning and Financial Planning. 
  • Workforce Planning includes labor planning at the aggregated level by job code.  
  • Financial Planning includes revenue planning, non-personnel expense planning, forecasting and funding requests.  

Be sure to use UC Davis Sign-on when logging into Planning; review Logging into Planning instructions


AggieBudget to Aggie Enterprise Planning Transition Timeline
AggieBudget to Aggie Enterprise Planning transition timeline

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Planning Resources and Training

How-To Videos   |   Self-Paced Training   |   Knowledge Base Articles / Online Help   |   Glossary  

How-To Videos

Check back for new videos as they become available.

Getting Started Videos



Reference Report Video



Workforce Planning Videos


Self-Paced Training

Self-paced eLearning courses are hosted in the UC Learning Center. Click a course starts the course in the UC Learning Center.

Check back for new eLearning courses as they become available.

Planning Getting Started eLearning Course
Course 1 - Getting Started

Get started with Aggie Enterprise Planning. Learn how to log in, access key modules and features from the Home page, set required and recommended user preferences, and work with forms (spreadsheet-like interface for planning tasks).

Approx. 30 min

​​Applicable Aggie Enterprise Planning Roles:

All users



Knowledge Base Articles / Online Help

Task-oriented instructions in the Aggie Enterprise Knowledge Base

Planning knowledge base article instructions


Instructions can also be accessed from within the Planning application

Planning Help


Planning Terms on the Aggie Enterprise Glossary page

Planning Glossary


Additional Resources


Aggie Budget User Group Meeting (January 26, 2023)VideoPlans and preparations for the transition from Aggie Budget to Aggie Enterprise Planning.
KB0010128 Create Access RequestsKnowledge base article

Instructions on how to request access to Planning.

Note: Planning and Aggie Enterprise are different applications and have different Security Liaisons. Your Aggie Enterprise access does not automatically grant you access to Planning, so you must contact your unit's Planning Security Liaison to submit a separate access request.

Aggie Enterprise Planning Go-Live Support Resources GuidePDFThis guide provides resources to help users get started in Planning.